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this will always be me

An Addendum to Gabrielle's GoFundMe page

Please, if you have not shared the link to my page to help velvetwhip since her mother's death here on LJ, Dreamwidth, or on your other social media sites, please do so now. We are facing even more financial burdens every day as we get her mother's house ready to sell and bills and mortgage payments are coming due that we do not have the money to pay. I have added an addendum to the GoFundMe page saying that the money will be going toward this as well, as we are nearing going to run out of money very soon. Please share this link of you have not done so yet.


I am holding her in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for being there for her.
Thank you. We're doing all we can here but it just never seems to be enough.
Too late - I already sent a check. But I will boost the signal in my own LJ and DW.

Thank you for doing this, Feen.
I would do anything for Gabrielle; heck, I'm even adopting her and taking her back home to my family once this is all settled. But we have to get it settled and that's the hard part. Thanks for boosting the signal. Keep the wave going, we still need the help.
Oh, I am so glad! She needs a "mother"!!

Please keep an eye peeled for a letter from me.
I'm a friend of velvetwhip - thanks for organising this. I've added a little and send my deepest sympathies. I lost my own Mum in February, so I know the pain, and it's dreadful that she has such financial problems on top of the bereavement.
My deepest sympathies on your loss; I didn't know. I hope someone had your back the way I have Gabrielle's at that time. As for the organizing, it's kind of what I do. Plus I want to get her out of here as soon as possible and get her back home with me. Once this is all settled, my husband and I are adopting her and finding her a place near us and our family. Or maybe kidnapping. Commandeering? Whatever you call it, she's coming home with us and she's going to have a big new family to share her life with. But we have to get this settled first so any boosting of the signal that you can do is much appreciated.
I've been meaning to contribute, now I have! Thanks for the reminder.
You're welcome! If you could share the link on other social media as well, I'd be much obliged.
Thanks for the nudge. I gave a little something last week but I forgot about signal boosting. I've shared the link to GoFundMe on my dreamwidth page.
Thank you so much. Things are getting tighter every day here and every little bit helps, so every person who boosts the signal reaches another person who helps or boosts it even further. I appreciate it.